Hi, I'm


I’m a North Carolina farm girl turned etiquette instructor with a passion for cutting through the awkwardness and getting to the heart of smooth social interactions.

I never thought I'd be an etiquette instructor.

I actually grew up on a farm and wanted to be a farm mom.
Whoa. 180, right?

Well, it turns out I married a man who works in agriculture and we have four awesome kids; so I still get to be the farm mom I dreamed of!

But when the opportunity arose to start a cotillion, I jumped at the chance!

Back in 2015, I was looking around for a local cotillion for a few of my younger cousins to attend. I noticed there wasn't a cotillion program within several hours of my little town in northeastern North Carolina.

It had been (ahem) a few years since my middle school cotillion days, but I still held very fond memories of the experience. I had also reached an age to have the hindsight to realize the many benefits my cotillion days brought into my adult life.

I vividly remember writing thank you notes and waltzing but, most notably, I remember learning to be kind, respectful, and socially confident.

 are the lessons that stuck.

I loved going to cotillion!

Baby Galley is clearly thrilled with all this love surrounding her.

Then my thoughts drifted to all the hard stuff my cousins and other middle schoolers face today:

My sweet cousins at my cotillion.

• the desire to fit in
• awkwardness
• social media
• building friendships
• changing friendships
• drifting friendships
• cliques
• new social situations
• digital communication
• social anxiety
• solidifying their morals and beliefs and learning to stand behind them

I knew in my heart those time-honored lessons in kindness, respect, and social confidence could help young people navigate the issues that inevitably come with growing up.

I knew I could help guide my cousins, my children, and the children in my community towards a HAPPY AND HEALTHY ADULTHOOD.

it's... a lot.

Within six months I was running my own cotillion and I haven't looked back.

Can you?!


Can your kid answer these 10 etiquette questions?


A few more facts about me:

I knew my husband, Lee, was “the one” when he offered to pray with me on our second date.


A few more facts about me:

Our kids all have special family names, but they go by: Bear, Penny, River, and Galley. 


A few more facts about me:

Top bucket list items: curtsy to Kate Middleton, ride along in a fighter jet, learn to play the banjo.


A few more facts about me:

No crown, but I did win "Best Smile" at the
Mrs. North Carolina America Pageant.


A few more facts about me:

I loved astronomy as a kid. My middle school screen name was AstroEdwards365. Don't be jealous.


I just can’t say enough about the thoroughness of your program. Thank you for being a wonderful example and setting a high bar for professionalism."
- Heather M.