Sydney Dunn hosts cotillions for middle schoolers across North Carolina and Virginia.
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You may have grown up hearing cotillion as a household term or you may still be trying to figure out how to pronounce it (kuh-TIL-yuhn, by the way). Whatever your familiarity with the word, I'm glad you're here!

cotillion classes offer middle school aged children instruction in manners, etiquette, and social dance.

What are cotillion classes?!

The ultimate goal of cotillion is to grow students in to kind, well-mannered, and socially confident members of their families, communities, and social circles.

"your program blows the others away"

"The more cotillion classes my children attend, the more comfortable they become in formal social settings. As a family that has years of cotillion experience, your program blows the others away!" 

The McLamb Family

"He danced enthusiastically"

"My son definitely has an appreciation for dressing up now. After cotillion, our family attended a funeral and a wedding. At both events, he had no complaints about wearing a jacket and tie. Also, at the wedding, he danced enthusiastically, even if it wasn’t ballroom dancing." 

The Belvin Family

"Our middle schooler has learned so much"

"What a wonderful experience for us! Sydney is incredibly thoughtful and organized, answering almost every question before I would’ve thought to ask it. Our middle schooler has learned so much about traditional manners AND more modern stuff like cell phone manners and social media presence.

The Hopkins Family