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The purpose of boy-girl pairs is to help keep our genders balanced within the cotillion classes.

Typically, young gentlemen are a tad more reluctant to attend cotillion than young ladies. You’re shocked, I know. Therefore, our class rosters could easily result in a class full of ladies and only a handful of gentlemen.

Unbalanced numbers can be problematic for two reasons:

  • Since we are learning partner dances as part of the cotillion curriculum, it is not much fun for every second or third lady in the dance circle to have to pretend she has a partner. Even though we change partners frequently and a gentlemen would soon rotate to her, it’s still pretty awkward to have to dance alone.
  • And secondly, if the boys are already reluctant to come, they surely won’t care to return if they show up to the first class and they’re outnumbered 3 to 1! There is strength in numbers.

Things just work better when the numbers are more even.

How to Join Cotillion as a Boy-Girl Pair

Registering as a boy-girl pair is easy to do AND it saves each family $30 off their tuition!

  1. Find a buddy of the opposite gender (but same grade level).
  2. Note each other’s name on your registration form.

It’s important to note this “pair” is for registration purposes only. I know how middle schoolers are and I respect that. Therefore, the boy and girl will not be permanently partnered during the class, they will never be recognized as a pair, and they certainly will never be referred to as a “couple.” 😱 It really doesn’t matter if the boy and girl even know each other!

The best part about registering as a Boy-Girl Pair is you’re able to skip the waitlist. Even if there is a waitlist for your child’s gender/grade, you don’t have to worry about that and can register instantly since you’re bringing your own buddy to help keep the numbers balanced.

Found your Cotillion Buddy?!

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Some links in my blog posts are affiliate links.


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