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and other etiquette thoughts

I’ve been thinking about this whole left side vs. right side name tag etiquette debate for way too long now. I’m nerdy like that. But it’s ok- I’ve accepted it’s just who I am. Most of my friends still love me. So, instead of just thinking on it, I decided to compile all my ridiculously […]

What side should you wear a name tag? The evidence and the verdict.

Jun 15, 2021

For several years now, we’ve been told, “don’t say Happy Memorial Day.” But as humans, we try to be pleasant and a lot of times the first thing to come to mind is just that: “Happy Memorial Day.” Here are my thoughts on the matter and some useful, polite alternatives for you to consider. It’s […]

Thoughtful alternatives to “Happy Memorial Day”

May 31, 2021

human connection through masks

This mask business is no fun. I feel claustrophobic, a little dizzy, a little silly. The feeling of hot breath and condensation on my nose and cheeks after just a few minutes makes my whole face feel weird. And there’s sore ears, headaches, acne, foggy glasses… But mostly, I just feel disconnected from people. Quarantined […]

Human connection in spite of the mask

Jul 9, 2020