Which side of your head should you wear a fascinator?


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Here’s a fun piece of etiquette for all you Kentucky Derby fans.

My favorite part of the Kentucky Derby (right behind the horses) is the fashion! Hats are a major part of a woman’s derby outfit and are even thought to be good luck on derby day.

A variation of hats, fascinators, are the fun little hair accessories that ladies wear on formal occasions. They don’t cover your entire head like a hat would but that doesn’t mean they are necessarily small. They often clip in, are pinned in, or are attached to a headband.

You should wear a fascinator on the RIGHT side of your head

But did you know why fascinators are supposed to be worn on the RIGHT side of your head?

Traditionally, when gentlemen escort ladies, the lady is on his right side. So, if a lady had their fascinator on the left, it could get in the way during conversation, block them from being able to see each other, or worse… poke him in the eye.

That being said, rules are made to broken and a lot of women choose to wear their fascinator on the side that looks better. This is usually the side their part is on. And, really, that’s fine too.

But now you know the reasoning behind the traditional right-sided style.

Here’s a few of my favorite fascinators (don’t tell Kate they’re from Amazon):

This is the one I wore in the video above. It’s a fun one that’s easy to pin in. It comes in lots of colors but this off-white goes with a lot of outfits I own.

This one is made of wool and is a good option for colder months. I like that it comes with both a clip and an elastic strap, so you have some options when choosing how to secure it.

Navy is probably my favorite color. I love the combination of textures here.

It’s hard to beat a classic black fascinator on a headband. I especially love how this band is thin and easier to hide in your hair. Tip: Fluff your hair up around it to camouflage the band a bit.

Umm… DRAMA! Yes, please.



Some links in my blog posts are affiliate links.


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