Hostess Gift Ideas for Families with Children or Teens


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If you’ve been invited to a party, gathering, or overnight stay, it’s always a kind gesture (and good etiquette) to take a hostess gift. It’s a nice little offering to show your appreciation and to have something to contribute to the event. You don’t want to arrive empty-handed!

Traditional hostess gifts include wine, flowers, and candles- and those are all lovely options! But if it’s a kid-centered or family-friendly event, why not take a gift the entire host family can enjoy?!

I hope this gift guide gives you some ideas for the perfect hostess gift to take to your next family reunion, end of school celebration, backyard BBQ, bible study, potluck dinner, end of sports cookout, or holiday party.

Hostess Gifts for Families

  • Board game
  • Conversation starter cards
  • Books – my favorites are nice hardcover children’s books, joke books, riddle books, and kid-friendly cookbooks
  • Jigsaw puzzle
  • Chia pet – I mean, who wouldn’t want a Chia pet?!
  • Fun soap

Coffee table games make great hostess gifts for families. I like this pretty jigsaw puzzle, this wooden version of Tic Tac Toe, and the thinking game Gravity Maze.

MANCALA! Probably my favorite game from my childhood.

Table Topics are a unique way to connect and get to know other family members. It’s a set of cards that have conversation topics to spur interesting conversations. We especially enjoy pulling these out at holidays and extended family gatherings.

Chia pets and soap pens would be fun for families with young kids.

I’m a huge fan of books and think all of these would make great options for hostess gifts for families: a teen cookbook, a family recipe journal, and a joke or riddle book.

For families with smaller children, a high-quality, hard cover children’s book would most likely be appreciated. We Are The Gardeners and Who You Were Made to Be are two of my favorites from Joanna Gaines. Don’t forget to write in the front!

Hostess Gifts for Outdoorsy Families

  • Outdoor/yard game
  • Seeds or garden starter kit
  • Bird house
  • Picnic blanket

We love our on-the-go picnic blanket and keep it in the trunk.

Oversized games are just instantly more fun- like this outdoor Yard Dice game.

Grow your own mushrooms or vegetables kit.

DIY bird house kit.

Hostess Gifts for the Foodie Family

  • S’mores kit
  • DIY pizza kit – pop together some shelf stable pizza dough, pepperonis, and a jar of sauce in a cute basket
  • Movie night kit – popcorn, boxed candy, and a DVD
  • Sparkling cider

Combine this specialty popcorn kit with some boxed candy and a DVD for a movie night kit.

If I know anything about kids and teens, I know they love a specialty soda in a glass bottle.

Pair this indoor S’mores maker with all the necessary ingredients.

Thoughtful, Custom, and Easily-Personalized Hostess Gifts for Families

Adding a personalized monogram instantly elevates a gift! Buy the items already personalized or buy them blank and find a local business to embroider, etch, or add vinyl letters and you’re ready to impress. Items that are easy to personalize include:

  • Hand towel
  • Soap
  • Throw pillow
  • Candle

This cookbook holder would be instantly elevated if it was personalized with the family’s last name. Recruit your crafty Cricut friend or find a local maker or sign shop who can make custom vinyl stickers.

These hand towels could be a stand-alone hostess gift. But if you wanted to add an extra touch, an embroidered initial of the family’s last name would make it perfect!

Here’s a fun one. Download a family photo from their Facebook profile and have it made into a custom puzzle! This product is even available for same-day pickup.

And lastly- I’m in love with these custom family portraits. They’re reasonably priced and would make a very memorable gift for a special gathering.

Whatever you choose, I’m sure the host will be extra appreciative that you were thoughtful enough to give something that had the entire family in mind.



Some links in my blog posts are affiliate links.


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