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Five year old boy at birthday party

I really like hosting parties. I love the invitations and food, the decorations, dress, and desserts. But, most of all, I enjoy providing a pleasant event for our family and friends and making people feel welcome at our home. This week I started passing that idea of being a welcoming host along to our children. […]

How to help your kid be a good birthday party host

Oct 15, 2020

woman hanging American flag outside home

I’m sure you’ve seen flags flying on big flag poles at half-staff, but how do you modify that for flags hanging outside your home or on your porch? Watch the video or read on below to learn how to fly a flag at half staff at home using a mourning ribbon. Flying a flag at […]

How to fly a flag at half staff on a house with a mourning ribbon

Sep 9, 2020

lady wearing large white fascinator being escorted by a gentleman

Here’s a fun piece of etiquette for all you Kentucky Derby fans. My favorite part of the Kentucky Derby (right behind the horses) is the fashion! Hats are a major part of a woman’s derby outfit and are even thought to be good luck on derby day. A variation of hats, fascinators, are the fun […]

Which side of your head should you wear a fascinator?

Sep 5, 2020

student at desk online learning from teacher on computer

A student’s online social skills (or lack thereof) are most noticeable in their two main avenues of online communication: emails and video conferences.

Help your student stand out in the online classroom

Aug 24, 2020

kids looking out door from covid quarantine

It’s so simple, but it shows so much respect. When they visit a friend’s house, as soon as they step in the door, teach them to ask aloud, “Mind if I…

The new habit to teach your kids as they visit friends in the COVID era

Jul 16, 2020

So should you or should you not wear the American flag as clothing? I feel like I’ve heard conflicting information my whole life and being that I’m an etiquette instructor who teaches flag etiquette, I wanted to have good info to teach my students so I did some research and I think I’ve come to […]

Is it okay to wear the American flag as clothing?

Jul 3, 2020